07 Jul 2015 12:00:00 AM


Beyond REP Entitlement

  • I have a pet that has been living with me for 7 years. Is there a way for me to bring him back with me without having to go through the quarantine process? Any advice/suggestions will be appreciated.

    Applicants who wish to bring back their pets, would have to comply with the regulations under Customs and Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia. Please browse the following website for further details: http://www.dvs.gov.my

  • If I have previously applied and obtained an Approved Permit (AP) when I was studying abroad / based abroad, am I still eligible to utilise the REP tax incentive to import or purchase a CBU car?

    No, the AP is only exercisable once in an applicant's lifetime and if you have previously obtained an AP before, you will not be entitled to utilise the REP tax incentive for a CKD / CBU car.