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General Enquiries

  • What is the Returning Expert Programme?
    The Returning Expert Programme (REP) is a programme introduced to facilitate the return of Malaysian professionals to meet the talent needs, especially in the context of the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).
  • Can I apply now and use the entitlement later when we are ready to move to Malaysia? How long will it be valid?

    It is advisable to apply prior to your return, say 1-2 months before your expected date of return. You will be given validity period of two (2) years for you to complete the following:

    • return to Malaysia,
    • obtain employment
    • report to TalentCorp and obtain the Surat Akuan Tarikh Kembali
    • claim all benefits and incentives


  • When is the best time to apply?
    Application to be submitted one to two months before your expected date of return to Malaysia, while you are still residing and employed abroad.
  • How do I apply for the REP and what is the process after submission?
    You may apply online. The REP Secretariat will compile all applications,review and table the applications to the REP Committee for their consideration. Applicants will be notified on the results of their application within 45 days of acceptance of a complete application
  • If my application is approved but I decline for now and defer my approval and the two (2) years approval period expires but I haven't returned. Can I re-apply?
    Yes, you may re-apply subject to fulfilling all the eligibility requirements for a new application.
  • If my application is approved and I return to Malaysia, but have not yet reported and claimed the incentives, can I re-apply in future?
    No, you are unable to re-apply as applications are to be submitted whilst applicant is still residing and working abroad.
  • Does this mean that I have to accept or reject the offer upon receiving approval for my application in order to 'defer the approval'?
    For applications which are approved, applicants would have to complete and submit a form indicating acceptance or otherwise. For those who initially accepted the offer and subsequently wants to defer, would have to inform the REP Secretariat in writing via e-mail.
  • Is there a time limit to this 'Deferred period'? Can this period be more than the 2 year timeframe that we are allowed to have before Reporting In to TalentCorp when I return to Malaysia?
    It would be assessed on a case-by-case basis based on the reasoning for the deferment. Applicants may also be advised to re-apply subject to meeting the minimum criteria.
  • Upon successful application, is there a time period within which an applicant has to return to Malaysia?
    Applicant must return to Malaysia, obtain employment and claim his/her REP incentives within 2 years of the validity period.
  • What happens after my application is approved?

    Applicants will be given a validity period of two (2) years to return to Malaysia, obtain employment and claim all benefits and incentives . Applicants will be required to personally report to TalentCorp along with the required documents which will have to be cited and the 'Surat Akuan Tarikh Kembali' will then be issued. The documents are:

    • Proof of commencing employment (permanent employment) in Malaysia e.g. Employment Contract and / or 1st Month's Pay Slip or other similar documentation;
    • Boarding Pass / Flight Tickets / e-ticket;Original Academic Certificates;
    • International Passport.

    *Note: Only with the 'Surat Akuan Tarikh Kembali' will applicants then be allowed to claim the benefits and incentives from the relevant agencies. Applicants will have to be present in person in order for the Surat Akuan Tarikh Kembali to be issued.



  • I'm returning from Singapore by car, how do I show proof of returning during my report to TC?
    Proof of return is required, for those travelling by car, we will either cite the return stamp on your passport or toll ticket during the travel.
  • I have the 'Surat Akuan Tarikh Kembali'. What happens next?
      Applicants may then use the 'Surat Akuan Tarikh Kembali' to claim the incentives and benefits offered under the REP:
    • Optional 15% Flat Tax Rate on Chargeable Employment Income for a period of 5 years continuously
    • Tax exemption for all personal effects brought back to Malaysia (goods brought back would have to be declared in a form – Borang Kastam No. 1 to the Royal Customs Department along with a copy of the 'Surat Akuan Tarikh Kembali' as an attachment)
    • One (1) locally manufactured Complete Knocked Down (CKD) or fully imported Complete Built Up (CBU) car per successful application exempted from duty/taxes up to maximum of RM150,000 worth
    • The foreign spouse and children will be eligible for Permanent Resident (PR) status, subject to approval and at the discretion of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. The application form will include a list of documents which will be attached to the Immigration Department of Malaysia. A checklist for this is downloadable here.

  • How long does it take?
    It usually takes up to 45 days for the whole process from application to till notification is sent to the applicants.
  • How much does it cost to apply?
    Currently, there is no fee on the application for the REP.
  • An agent has offered to help me get REP. Should I use their services?
    All applications and correspondence for REP approvals and claims of benefits and incentives will only be between TalentCorp, the applicant and relevant agencies. TalentCorp does not engage any agents to act on their behalf.
  • What can TalentCorp do to help me if I apply for the REP?
    TalentCorp will facilitate your return to Malaysia by ensuring that your application is processed quickly and ease you in claiming your benefits and incentives under the REP.
  • Does the REP help applicants find jobs in Malaysia?
    TalentCorp does not engage in employment matching for talents.
  • Who sits on the REP Committee?
    The REP Committee is currently chaired by TalentCorp and represented by other ministries and agencies, including but not limited to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Human Resources, the Ministry of Education, the Royal Customs Department, and the Immigration Department of Malaysia. A unanimous decision is required to approve an application. TalentCorp acts as the Secretariat for the Returning Expert Programme.
  • Where can I get in touch with other Malaysians who also are on the REP?
    There is an independent forum called Outstation. The Outstation Forum is a place for Malaysians to talk to each other.
  • Will TalentCorp divulge any of my personal information to third parties?
    TalentCorp adheres to the confidentiality policy and will never divulge applicants' personal information to third parties, without prior approval from applicants.
  • How do I get in touch with the REP Secretariat?
    You may get in touch with the REP Secretariat by emailing to rep@talentcorp.com.my
  • Does the REP provide for other incentives i.e. housing ownership incentives or tax deductions for enrolment in international schools?
    The current REP incentives are as stated on our website and the Surat Akuan Tarikh Kembali.
  • Is there any restriction on how long I need to reside in Malaysia if the application is successful? What if I wish to go abroad again or my company needs me to be assigned in another overseas location?
    For applicants approved for to received the incentive, For the approved recipients to fully enjoy the incentive on income taxes, they would have to continuously be employed in Malaysia for 5 years. In the event of any overseas assignment, the income tax incentive may cease depending on whether applicant is still a resident for tax purposes.
  • I plan to return to Malaysia in 5-7 years once our commitments in the UK are settled, will the programme still be available?
    The REP incentive is a Government policy and is subject to revision by the Government of Malaysia without prior notice.
  • Would we be required to pay for international school fees or are these parts of the programme? Is it been subsidized by the government?
    Since there is no subsidy provided, applicants will be required to pay for international school on their own. There's no subsidies from the Government on school fees.
  • I want to register my kids in an international school in Kuala Lumpur; unfortunately there is no available place at the moment. Would TalentCorp be able to provide a letter of support to secure a place and to expedite process with the International School?
    Unfortunately TalentCorp is unable to provide any supporting letter for enrolling children, expediting the process or any related matters pertaining to entrance into international schooling as it is extends beyond the purview of TalentCorp.
  • Does TalentCorp have any jurisdiction on where my children – public / private school?
    No, TalentCorp and the Government of Malaysia do not have any jurisdiction on where the applicants want to enrol their children. It is up to the applicants to enrol their children in any school of choice.
  • What are the latest revisions to the Returning Expert Programme (REP)?
    Applications received after 16 April 2014 will be considered under the new eligibility criteria and if approved will be eligible for a revised set of incentives. Kindly click on “Home” for the latest revisions.