07 Jul 2015 12:00:00 AM


REP Eligibility

  • Can I apply for the REP after I've returned to Malaysia?
    Application for the REP submitted while applicants are still residing and working overseas. Any application Submitted after applicants have returned to Malaysia is unable to be considered.
  • What are the requirements for eligibility to REP?
    Please refer to REP eligibility section of this FAQ.
  • What do you mean applicant should meet minimum 3 years continuous working experience abroad?
    The term continuous would denote consecutive 3 years leading to the time of application. Once applicants meet these criteria, their working experience abroad can be taken cumulatively to be matched against their highest qualification.
  • I have changed my job, should I notify TalentCorp?
    While it is not mandatory, we would appreciate if you keep us updated on your current employment within the 5 years' timeframe.
  • I've been working abroad for 6 years, recently return to Malaysia, am I still eligible to enjoy the Returning Expert Programme's benefit?
    Any application submitted after applicant has returned is unable to be considered.
  • Is there any possibility my application to be given special consideration?
    The Committee's approval is based on the guideline on eligibility criteria.
  • I am a Malaysian Permanent Resident living in the UK, am I still eligible to apply for REP?
    The REP is only applicable for Malaysian citizens who are still working and residing abroad at time of application.
  • I have renounced my Malaysian citizenship years ago, am I still eligible to apply for REP?
    The REP is only applicable for Malaysian citizens who are still working and residing abroad at time of application.
  • How many times can we apply for the Returning Expert Programme (REP)? Let say after I apply this programme, then I went out Malaysia for another 5 years. Can I re apply for the second time?
    The REP incentives is only exercisable once in an applicant's lifetime.
  • Under the REP, is a medical student who has recently completed his/her study overseas apply for the REP?
    Beginning 12 April 2011, per directive from the Ministry of Health, all medical graduates without prior clinical experience are unable to be considered for the REP.
  • I have a loan with JPA but I do not have any bond with them. Does this still make me ineligible to apply to this program?
    As long as there is no outstanding loans unpaid/scholarship bond to JPA an applicant would be considered for the incentive. However, confirmation from JPA on loans/scholarship status will be sought on all REP applications.
  • Why is such requirement in place?
    This requirement is in place as the Government would have to ensure any applicant received the REP incentive is not in any way obligated to return/outstanding loans with the Government.
  • I would like to know if one is eligible for Returning Expert Program if they have outstanding PTPTN loan that is currently being paid back monthly?
    Applicants are able to be considered for the REP as long as there is no outstanding balance with that agency. Applicant will have to clear any outstanding balance in order to be considered for the REP.
  • I am a JPA loan holder and currently blacklisted. Am I eligible to apply? I wonder if there's an option to appeal for the REP?
    JPA loan/scholarship holders, may apply for the REP however the committee's approval is subject to full settlement of the outstanding loan or scholarship.
  • What are the latest revisions to the REP Eligibility Criteria?
    Applications received after 16 April 2014 will be considered under the new eligibility criteria, kindly click on “Home” under the header Eligibility Criteria for the latest revisions.