07 Jul 2015 12:00:00 AM


REP Portal

  • I would like to apply for the REP. What should I do?

    The first step is to register for an account on the REP Portal.

    The REP portal is a system that is used by applicants to initiate REP applications, upload required documents, communicate with the REP Secretariat who process applications, and monitor the progress of your REP application. 

    Once you have an account, you will be requested to complete your REP application and upload required documents to the portal. 

  • With regards to creating a REP portal password, what does “1 upper case, 1 lower case, 1 number” mean?

    Passwords should contain:

    • UPPERCASE letters: A-Z
    • lowercase letters: a-z
    • numbers: 0-9

    In order to make your password secure, it should contain at least 1 UPPERCASE letter A-Z, 1 lowercase letter a-z, and 1 number 0-9. You may use any preferred sequence or order for a password. Please keep your password private. 

    Sample passwords that use character substitution (please do not use these):

    • internet explorer - 1nt3rN3TeXp70r3R
    • happy days - h@pPyD@Y$?
    • good boy - 60odB0y!
    • Password - P@ssw0rd
  • How will I receive the verification code?
    Your verification code will be automatically sent to your registered email address within the REP portal. Kindly do look through your junk/spam folder as sometimes the REP emails are directly sent to these folders.
  • I have registered for an REP account and have not received my e-mail verification. I tried to resend the verification code twice now, unsuccessfully.
    Kindly check your spam or junk email folder as sometimes emails from the REP system end up there. In the event you cannot locate the email there, please contact us at rep@talentcorp.com.my 

  • If I do not manage to complete the application within the deadline, am I able to submit another application?
    You may still proceed for submission. However, your application will be brought forward to the next meeting.
  • I am having difficulty uploading the required documents/files for REP application.

    Kindly check that:

    1. Your file size does not exceed 3MB.
    2. Documents are in .doc, .docs, or .pdf formats only.

    If you are still encountering issues, please email us at rep@talentcorp.com.my 

  • What are the required documents for proof of employment?
    We will require your employment contract and latest pay slip. Your latest pay slip must be dated later than your application date, to prove that you are still employed abroad during the time of application. 
  • I applied for REP but I wish to cancel my application for now and will re-apply in the future. How may I do so as there is no cancellation button for me to click on?
    The REP Secretariat will cancel your application at your request. Kindly email your cancellation request at rep@talentcorp.com.my