07 Jul 2015 12:00:00 AM


REP Portal

  • I want to apply for REP. How do I register my account?

    Click on the Register link above on the navigation bar, or access it directly here.

  • Kindly give an example of creating a password. I do not understand "1 upper case, 1 lower case and 1 number".

    Passwords should contain:

    • UPPERCASE letters: A-Z
    • lowercase letters: a-z
    • numbers: 0-9

    Sample passwords are with character substitutions are (please do not use these):

    • internet explorer - 1nt3rN3TeXp70r3R
    • happy days - h@pPyD@Y$?
    • good boy - 60odB0y!
    • Password - P@ssw0rd
  • How will I receive the verification code?
    Your verification code will be automatically sent to your registered email address within the REP portal. Kindly do look through your junk/spam folder as sometimes the REP emails are directly sent to these folders.
  • I have registered for an REP account and have not received my e-mail verification till now. I tried to resend the verification code twice now, but still unsuccessful. Is there any other way to help me or l have to change to another e-mail?
    Kindly do check your spam/junk folder as our e-mails are usually sent directly to these folders. In the event the verification code is not available there, kindly revert to us and we will log this case with our system's administrator.
  • My account have been suspended. How do I re-activate my account? Do I need to re-apply?

    You can re-activate your account by visiting this link, and selecting the "Activate" option. There is no need for you to reapply as your account still remains within the system.

  • If I do not manage to complete the application within the deadline, am I able to submit another application?
    You may still proceed for submission. However, your application will be brought forward to the next meeting.
  • I am having difficulty in uploading the files for submission of the Returning Expert Programme even if the files are less than the allowable of 3MB. What I should do? Can I send the files separately instead?
    The maximum limit for your file is 3MB. Please ensure documents do not exceed 3MB. Documents are to be saved in .doc, .docx or .pdf format. The acceptable formats are stated within the application form.
  • Is it accurate that an applicant has to be working for three continuous years at the one company before they can lodge an application?
    It is not necessarily within the same company as long as he/she has been working and residing abroad for period of three years continuously prior to application.

    The system is designed to filter applications which do not have the continuous three years of working and residing abroad at time of application before allowing them to proceed with submission.
  • Would the latest payslip be sufficient to prove my employment? Is it absolutely necessary that I get a confirmation of employment from my current employer?
    Usually, we will required your contract of employment together with your latest payslip. Your latest payslip must be dated at least later that your application date. This is to verify that you are still working and residing abroad at the time of application.
  • Regarding the employment period, am I required to provide statement attesting to all of my prior experience?
    You will have to provide your recent contract of employment as well as your latest payslip to support your application date.
  • I applied for REP but I wish to cancel my application for now and will re-apply in the future. How may I do so as there is no cancellation button for me to click on?
    The REP Secretariat will cancel your application at your request. You should receive an email notification informing you of your request.

    However, it is not "removed" from system. It just stays dormant. You need not sign up for a new account, but rather, you can "reactivate" your "dormant / suspended" account anytime. You can also re-apply again (no registration required).

    However, you would need to remember your login/password. You can also request for a new password in the event of a forgotten password.