06 Jul 2015 12:00:00 AM

REP Terms and Conditions

  • The approval period under this scheme is valid for two (2) years from the date stated in TalentCorp’s Letter of Approval.

  • The incentives offered can only be claimed ONCE by each successful applicant.

  • Applicant must return to Malaysia, obtain employment and claim his REP incentives before the expiry of the approval period failing which the incentives will be rescinded.

  • All personal items brought back which are exempted from tax must be declared for and received in Malaysia within the validity period of approval. However, personal items here do not apply to motorised vehicles (eg. previously owned car). To bring back your previously owned car, please refer to subsection Locally manufactured / assembled Complete Knocked Down (CKD) vehicles in the FAQ section for further information.

  • Successful applicants are required to adhere to the procedures stipulated herein and in all documents provided for by TalentCorp. An applicant who does not comply with the conditions stipulated in TalentCorp’s Letter of Approval or other documents provided for by TalentCorp will be subject to the cancellation of incentives entitled to him.

  • The applicant is wholly responsible to ensure he is able to practice in his profession in Malaysia, specifically for fields of expertise, which require registration, licensing or other forms of compliance (e.g. medicine, etc.).

  • The applicant is required to secure his own employment in Malaysia. The Government of Malaysia is not responsible for securing employment for the applicant.

  • Once the applicant has officially returned to Malaysia, and started employment, he will have to report to TalentCorp to obtain the Surat Akuan Tarikh Kembali before claiming the incentives entitled to him from the relevant ministries / agencies.

  • The applicant is given option to opt in / opt out for optional 15% Flat Tax Rate on Employment Income for a period of five (5) years consecutively as the incentive is only beneficial for those earning at least RM12,500 per month (gross employment income) or RM135,000 per annum (total chargeable employment income).

  • If the applicant opts out of the 15% Flat Tax Rate on Employment Income, the incentive will be rescinded and will no longer be applicable in the future. If the applicant accepts the incentive, the option will remain for the next five (5) years, regardless of the future income of the applicant.

  • The application for tax exemption for the purchase of the one (1) locally assembled / manufactured Completely-Knocked-Down (CKD) vehicles must be made before the expiry of the approval period.

  • The applicant is required to remain in possession of his one (1) tax-free CKD vehicles for a minimum period of two (2) years before they are allowed to be sold.  The purchaser of any of those tax-free CKD vehicles will be responsible in paying any remaining taxes chargeable on the vehicles depending on their make and model.