20 May 2022 12:00:00 AM


Application Procedure - The Processes


  1. All applications can be made at REP by TalentCorp. Applicants have to register for an REP account, complete the online form, and upload all required documents as listed in the REP Terms & Conditions
  2. Once an application is complete (including required documents), applicants will receive an acknowledgement email from the REP Secretariat, followed by a 45 working days application processing period. During this time applications will be tabled to the REP Committee for their consideration. 
  3. The REP Committee will either approve or reject each application. Applicants will receive a Decision Email that informs them of the outcome by the REP Secretariat (Approval/Non-Approval). 
  4. Approved applicants will have a 2-year period from the date of approval to return to Malaysia. 
  5. Upon return within 2 years, applicants should schedule an online appointment with TalentCorp and provide further documents(listed in the Terms & Conditions)for confirmation. Once all is in order, TalentCorp will issue a Surat Akuan Tarikh Kembali (“SATK”) in favour of the applicant. 
  6. The SATK can be used to claim all REP incentives that are due to the applicant. 


Required documents for REP applications: 
  1. copy of valid passport
  2. copy of residence document abroad (permanent resident identity card, work permit, or employment pass);
  3. latest updated resume (indicating years, months, and locations of current and previous employer(s));
  4. offer letter or other equivalent agreement or document from current employer abroad (as proof of employment commencement date);
  5. latest salary slip (proof of employment at time of application), or employment confirmation on join date, position, and salary;
  6. latest tax return abroad (salary reference for Applicant with no fixed income);
  7. academic certificates certified by Commissioner of Oath;
  8. employment offer letter or other equivalent agreement or document from Malaysia (if any);
  9. valid and latest residing documents (proof of property ownership abroad and utility bill, or rental agreement and rental payment receipt) – only for applicants from Singapore, Thailand, and Brunei; and
  10. copy of entry and exit stamps in passport.

Additional documents for Self-Employed applicants: 
  1. business registration (indicating when the business was established, and names of the Applicant as owner / board of director to the company);
  2. company’s bank statement for at least 6 months prior to date of submitted application, indicating receipt of payments to the business; 
  3. third-party confirmation that the business was still active until at least time of REP application, from company secretary, external accountant, Commissioner of Oath, or Public Notary appointed by the government (to indicate applicant was drawing an income at time of application).

Additional documents for applicants from the Healthcare sector: 


  1. complete registration certificate duly approved by Malaysian Medical Council registration - refer to https://mmc.gov.my/
  2. complete registration certificate duly approved by National Specialist Registrar registration (specialists only) – refer to https://www.nsr.org.my/home.html.

Dentist/Nurse/Other allied health practitioners: 

  1. Registration from respective national professional bodies or regulators (i.e., Malaysian Nursing Board, Malaysian Dental Council, etc.