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Introduction to Returning Expert Programme and Application Procedure


In the 2001 Budget, the Minister of Finance announced various measures designed to enable the creation of a Malaysian world class workforce. One of the measures proposed was to encourage Malaysians abroad in selected fields important to the nation, to return and work in Malaysia. Thus, the 'Returning Expert Programme' (REP) was introduced on 1 January 2001 with a list of incentives that may be revised from time to time.
Effective 1 January 2011, the REP was placed under the purview of Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) with the aim to facilitate the return of Malaysian experts overseas to participate in the many business and professional opportunities in Malaysia made possible by the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). The ETP envisages for the nation to be a high-income economy by the year 2020 with its primary emphasis on the development and growth of 12 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) sectors that will help propel the nation forward. The 12 NKEAs are projected to create many jobs over the next decade that will require world class talents especially for middle and highly-skilled jobs. Thus, the REP aims to fill these vacancies by targeting groups of individuals including Malaysians currently residing and working overseas.

The REP is constantly being improved to meet the needs of Malaysian expats. For example, as of 12 April 2011, a revised scheme of benefits for the REP was announced by the Prime Minister himself. As such applications which are approved after April 2011 will only be entitled to the revised incentive. 
Application Procedure - The Processes

Application Procedure - A Guide
  1. All applications can be made online at: http://rep.talentcorp.com.my/ The applicant will have to register for REP account and complete the online form and upload the following documents within thirty (30) days of his/her REP Account Registration. The cut-off date for processing monthly applocations is the 15th of every month.
  2. The applicant will receive a notification e-mail within 2 working days informing him/her on the status of the application. 
  3. Once the application has been approved by the REP committee, the applicant would then have to login to the portal and complete the acceptance form stating their intention to accept the incentive or otherwise.
  4. The applicant will then schedule an appointment with the REP Secretariat.
  5. The applicant will then be required to report individually to TalentCorp (within the two-year validity period) to obtain the Surat Akuan Tarikh Kembali. The applicant will be required to provide the following documents to TalentCorp to obtain the Surat Akuan Tarikh Kembali; 

    • Signed Employment Contract/Letter with an employer in Malaysia;
    • * The company must be registered, incorporated and paying income taxes in Malaysia, employment is on a permanent and full-time basis (contract employment will be considered on a case-to-case basis), and salary is paid in Ringgit Malaysia; or
    • For those who are self-employed, kindly bring along the following:

      1. Official Business Registration certification in Malaysia;
      2. Form 9, Form 24, Form 44, Form 49 and Memorandum & Articles (for Sole Proprietorship or Partnership to provide any documents equivalent to this Item (2));
      3. Company Profile (detailing the background information of the company's business);
      4. Office rental agreement;
      5. Bank Registration/ Account/ Bank Statement of the Company; 
      6. Six (6) months company's bank statements with active transactions; 
      7. Revenue generated income for the past six (6) months (invoices, receipts & proof of payments); 
      8. Latest annual returns (if any).
      9. Future committed order / contracts (if any).

      * Kindly take note that the business would have to be active on or after the date of REP application submission and is in-line with the approved applicants’ area of expertise/sector of experience.

      * Please be informed that the REP Committee reserves the right to request for any additional documents if deemed necessary.

    • Boarding Pass / Flight Tickets / e-ticket;

    • Original Academic Certificates; 

    • International Passport.
  • Office visits are by APPOINTMENT ONLY.
  • Please schedule your appointment in advance with the REP Secretariat for us to accommodate you.
  • Failure to arrange an appointment with us and / or failure to provide the required documents as in para (11) above may result in TalentCorp not releasing the Surat Akuan Tarikh Kembali to the applicant.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations of Malaysia

Successful applicants are subject to all existing laws and regulations in force in Malaysia.

Condition for Acceptance of the REP Incentives

The applicant, who has returned, worked and claimed all the incentives and benefits entitled to him is required to work in Malaysia for five (5) years from the date of return to Malaysia.